The Flow CARIFTA Games Bahamas 2018 will welcome some 400 planning and event volunteers.
The Volunteer Division is excited to serve with all volunteers who are eager to work in the various capacities for the most competitive and exciting junior competition in the Caribbean. With more than 10 divisions, we have a mammoth task of educating, training and coordinating the most efficient team to ensure unmatched hospitalityand dedication to produce a seamless event..
Our mission simply is to recruit the best volunteers, accredit (badge) them to gain access into their working areas and finally to uniform all enthusiastic team members so that we all may look like one TEAM..
The areas of interest are; Accreditation, Accommodation, Airport, Competition Support, Volunteer Support, Prompt Response, Medical Support, Uniform Distribution, Special Events & Guest Services, Event Media, Food Services, VIP/Protocol, Recruitment, Training, Transport, Graphics and Team Attaches..
We look forward to working with you for the Flow CARFTA Games Bahamas 2018. To get involved see contact information below:
Tarahan Alexander Mackey
Director, Volunteers
CARIFTA Games Bahamas 2018 LOC
Tel:242.426.5040 or 242.803.4617