Flow CARIFTA Games Bahamas 2018 Mascot – Iggy the Iguana

Let’s go run FASTER, throw FURTHER and jump HIGHER with Iggy the Flow CARIFTA Games Bahamas 2018 mascot. Iggy the Iguana is a calm, cool, consistent performer, always hitting the mark at the right time. He is fun to watch as he manoeuvres to outwit his opponents. He is a fierce decathlete that is good at every event on and off the track. Confident in his movement he is amusing and witty, out classing opponents and overcoming any challenge. Iggy can be seen all over the stadium wooing the crowd with his presence and feats.Iggy has a hearty appetite but stays in shape by feasting on healthy Bahamian cuisine like native plants and fruits. In his spare time, Iggy enjoys schools visits where he raises awareness about endangered species such as Iguanas in The Bahamas. Iggy is a rare species of Rock Iguanas found in the lesser populated islands of The Bahamas mainly Andros, San Salvador, Inagua and the Exuma islands. The total wild population of iguanas in the Bahamas is less than 5000.While visiting Nassau for the Flow CARIFTA Games Bahamas 2018, we invite you to visit with Iggy and his family and friends throughout The Bahama islands. We remind you that you can’t take Iggy out of the country, as Iguanas are listed as one of the critically endangered species in The Bahamas.